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About Imagine Bellevue in Washington State: Services, Costs and Reviews

For anyone who is seeking addiction treatment in the Seattle area, Imagine Bellevue offers a range of services to meet their needs. They offer outpatient rehab, as well as additional services to assist people who want to recover.

People are often nervous about getting professional help because they do not know what to expect. But Imagine Bellevue is an excellent choice and the staff puts their clients at ease right away. This is a look at their programs, costs and reviews, as well as everything they have to offer someone who needs substance abuse recovery help.

About Imagine Bellevue

Imagine Bellevue is accredited through The Joint Commission. They offer top quality care for their clients, and they strive to meet their unique needs individually.

Although they offer an outpatient program, people often experience the same type of care they would expect in an inpatient setting. The only difference is that OP treatment is often more cost-effective, and programs can be flexible to meet people’s unique needs.

Kerry says, “This is by far the best outpatient treatment program! You will not be disappointed.”

Chris says, “Imagine Bellevue is an amazing facility! The staff is caring, helpful, and dedicated to creating a safe, productive, and comfortable environment. The building is clean and very spacious. I would highly recommend this organization for anyone who is looking for a great place to heal…”

Their Location

Imagine Bellevue is located at 13037 NE Bel-Red Rd., Suite 102A, Bellevue, Washington 98005. This is a great location for anyone who is searching for an outpatient rehab near Seattle, or any type of addiction treatment close to the Seattle area. It is only 19 minutes (11.3 miles) from the city’s center.

Imagine Bellevue Seattle Location

Services and Integrated Care at Imagine Bellevue

The addiction recovery needs of those who live in the Seattle area are quite varied. That is why at Imagine Bellevue, they have taken a personalized approach in order to meet those needs. They offer a variety of services to help people recover from their addictions.

Cooper says, “Some of the best outpatient services offered in the greater Seattle area. Proud to call myself an employee for this great company.”

Erin says, “I really enjoy attending group here…easy to be honest and not pressured. Great staff, comfortable and compassionate about recovery. Love love love this place!”

IOPs offer an excellent level of support for someone who is searching for outpatient treatment in the Seattle area. Imagine Bellevue has a wonderful program for intensive outpatient treatment. In fact, it is very similar to what is offered during inpatient rehab.

Their IOP is personalized according to each client’s needs. There are sessions in the daytime and during the evening, which makes it much more flexible than other forms of treatment.

Not everyone is able to commit to an inpatient stay, and that is not always the best approach. Partial hospitalization is an option that is available to those who need it. Clients can come to treatment for several hours during the day and get a lot of time with staff. This is an approach that can be just as effective as inpatient treatment as long as the client has a good support system at home.

For some people, and more traditional rehabilitation program is needed. That is why Imagine Bellevue also offers outpatient treatment. This involves meeting with and working with a therapist to help identify the reasons behind the addiction and aid in the recovery process.

Some people with addictions do not realize they have them. That is why Imagine Bellevue offers addiction assessments to help people understand the types of treatment that they need. Without them, these individuals would not know where to turn for help.

Imagine Bellevue is proud to be one of the first programs to offer Vivitrol services for their clients. This is a form of medical detox that has been shown to be very effective at treating opioid and alcohol addictions. The injection is given once per month, and involvement means participating in counseling as well.

Additional services that are offered include referrals for detox and higher levels of care, family support services and DUI rehab.

Does Insurance Pay for Rehab at Imagine Bellevue?

Health insurance companies are required to provide addiction treatment benefits to their customers. Imagine Bellevue is proud to have partnered with several different health insurance companies to help keep their clients’ out of pocket costs low.

The staff is happy to verify potential clients’ health insurance to determine their benefits and coverage.

Learn More About Substance Abuse Treatment at Imagine Bellevue

Imagine Bellevue offers hope to people who live in the Seattle, Washington area. Outpatient treatment is often exactly what many need in order to be successful, and they are excited to be able to meet that need.

Do you have questions about Imagine Bellevue, their services or their costs? Please contact us today so we can help.

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