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Seattle Online Addiction Treatment – COVID-19 and The Future of Rehab


If the reality of what has happened in Seattle because of the Coronavirus is any indication, online addiction treatment may just become the future of rehab. All over the State of Washington, AA and NA meetings have been moved online. People have stopped going to physical treatment programs and instead, they are accessing the services they need virtually. But this shift has certainly not gone unnoticed by those who are used to actively participating in their healing. It has been quite a transition, and the change can be a hard pill to swallow for some. Still, the reality is that the Coronavirus has changed just about every part of our lives. It is important for people in Seattle to know that they can still get the support they need. Help is still available, even if it looks a little different for the time being.

online drug rehab in Seattle

The Impact of Self-Isolation During Recovery

Evan Beales is our admissions director here at Northpoint Seattle. He has seen firsthand how social isolation has impacted the clients we work with at our Washington State facilities. He admits that while it may be necessary for people to social distance during the Coronavirus outbreak, that does not make it easy on those in recovery. Addiction is a disease of isolation in and of itself. One of the keys to recovering is to connect with other people; whether those individuals are professionals or peers. When those connections are stopped, people can end up feeling lonely and even more isolated than ever. As Beales told Idaho News, “When a person feels like that, their chances of relapsing are higher and that’s what we’re seeing.”

How are Washington State Rehab Centers Responding to COVID-19?

Now more than ever, people need to know that addiction recovery help is available to them. Many treatment programs have incorporated tele-treatment or telehealth as a way to reach their clients. Video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype have enabled treatment providers to continue to meet with their clients and even have group therapy sessions. Social distancing has had a tremendous impact, even for those who regularly attend methadone clinics. Officials have loosened their requirements for daily visits to clinics in Washington State. Instead, they have allowed many to visit every other day and gave them doses to take home with them. Some experts believe that this change was actually quite beneficial for people who have felt tied to methadone clinics. Their hope is that they will see that more patients are able to take their medication responsibly at home. So there is a chance that such regulation changes will become the norm over the next few months.

COVID drug rehab

The Challenges Facing Recovering Addicts in Seattle During COVID-19

Sadly, many people have relapsed because of social distancing and how it has kept them from physically attending rehab and 12-Step meetings. For these individuals, to suddenly have their support systems disappear was devastating. On top of that, many are suffering because they have lost their jobs because of lay-offs or furloughs. Their financial concerns only add fuel to the fire of their isolation. Recovering addicts are taught about the importance of getting support from others. They hold tight to the truth that they are not alone, nor do they have to take this journey by themselves. All of that changed with COVID-19, but that does not mean all hope is lost. There are many people who are finding new strength that they never knew they had. More people are accessing virtual AA and NA meetings, and many are even finding ways to attend rehab online. It takes a mental shift, but with many recovery centers willing to go the extra mile, the help people need is readily available to them.

The Future of Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Washington State

Currently, the addiction treatment field is wrought with challenges. But providers are willing to meet them head-on. Many therapists and doctors are finding creative ways to work with their clients. Some will contact them by phone for regular appointments. Others have started offering tele-treatment services online. An opioid addiction treatment clinic in Olympia, Washington has even managed to meet with their patients outside. They offer longer prescriptions for Buprenorphine too, which is an opioid replacement therapy drug that has helped many people recover. This reduces the number of visits their patients have to make to the clinic.

Northpoint Seattle – Connecting With Clients Through Online Rehab

At Northpoint Seattle, our goal has always been to connect with our clients on a personal level. We believe view each of our clients as individuals with their own needs during recovery. That is why we have designed our programs to provide intensive treatment options that are on par with what is offered in an inpatient setting. Using telehealth, we have been able to bridge the gap that has become so painfully obvious during the time of social isolation. We want our clients to be safe and reduce their risk of exposure to the Coronavirus. But we also understand the challenges they face, and we want to continue to provide them with the support they need. Our online rehab services allow our therapists to participate in regular individual sessions with their clients. They also make it possible to join in with group sessions and other forms of treatment. Our clients’ health, safety, and continued sobriety are always at the tops of our minds, and even more during times like this. We understand that while there is no substitute for physically going to treatment, today’s technology has given us the next best option.

Online Addiction Treatment – Is it Really the Future of Rehab in Washington State?

As the Coronavirus outbreak progresses, it is impossible to guess what changes will need to be made in the coming months. But please rest assured that at Northpoint Seattle, the needs of our clients are constantly on our hearts and minds. Our goal is to continue to offer the same level of outpatient addiction treatment services we have always offered. The method of getting treatment may change, but the message remains the same – help is available. We are here to provide support to anyone who is battling an addiction. If you or someone you love needs recovery help, we would love to talk with you about your options. Please contact us right away to learn more about tele-treatment.