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Here’s What to Expect During Your First Twelve-Step Meeting

a group discusses what to expect during first 12-step meeting

Making the commitment to overcoming an addiction is a valiant one. The road to recovery is a lifelong journey, often littered with hurdles and surprises. Thankfully, a variety of resources are available to help people as they continue to honor their commitment. Finding help in 12-step addiction treatment programs can be a great step during the early or late stages of recovery treatment.

We know the benefits of a 12-step program at Northpoint Seattle. Our medical professionals and recovery specialists use many of the philosophies and techniques of 12-step programs to help our patients on the road to recovery. During your time with our team, we will ensure you know what to expect during your first 12-step meeting after addiction treatment. Call 888.483.6031 to get started today.

What Is a 12-Step Addiction Program?

The 12-step addiction program is a set of guidelines that were initially designed for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in the 1930s. The steps are now the foundation for many different types of addiction recovery programs. The 12 steps generally allow a person in recovery to work through various stages of emotions, from admittance to awakening, in small steps to build their recovery skills.

When to Attend Your First 12-Step Recovery Meeting

People in addiction recovery May find the most benefit when they attend their first 12-step meeting within the first few weeks of treatment. This way, they can start working on the steps and build a foundation for sobriety. Additionally, many people find it helpful to have a support system in place before they leave treatment.

What to Expect During Your First 12-Step Meeting

The 12-step program is flexible, so each meeting may vary. However, some common questions to keep in mind include:

How Long Are Meetings?

Most 12-step meetings are an hour or less. This time makes it convenient for people with busy schedules to attend.

What Happens During a Meeting?

The format of meetings can vary, but they often include some or all of the following:

  • An opening and closing prayer or meditation
  • A moment of silence to reflect on sobriety
  • A reading from the 12-step program book
  • Sharing stories of recovery
  • Discussing any relapses or temptations
  • Working on the 12 steps

Who Attends 12-Step Meetings?

12-step meetings are open to everyone, whether you are in addiction recovery or not. Typically, people who attend are working on their sobriety or supporting someone else in their recovery journey. Several different types of 12-step meetings exist to help people with various addictions.

Why Do People Receive 12-Step Chips?

In some 12-step meetings, people receive chips to signify how long they have been in recovery. For example, a person may receive a white chip for their first 30 days of sobriety and then move on to different colors as they reach longer milestones.

12-Step Addiction Treatment at Northpoint Seattle

After completing a 12-step addiction program, many people find that they can better handle triggers and cravings. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help. Northpoint Seattle uses the 12-step approach as the cornerstone of our outpatient treatment programs, including:

  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP) – This program provides structure and support for people who need more assistance than our intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers.
  • Intensive outpatient program – The IOP assists people who need more support than weekly therapy but do not require 24-hour care.
  • Outpatient therapy – This program is best for people who have completed a residential treatment program and need ongoing support to maintain their sobriety.

There is no better time to begin the journey to recovery than today. Take the steps to a healthier, happier future by calling our team at 888.483.6031 today.