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Hallucinogens Addiction Treatment

Hallucinogenic Drug Addiction, Abuse and Recovery Programs in WA State

Hallucinogenic drug abuse and addiction have been ongoing problems in Washington State for a long time. In some cases, treatment may be needed to get off these drugs. But so many are reluctant to consider the thought of no longer using. Their substance abuse has become a way to cope and a way of life for them.

Most hallucinogenic drugs have the reputation of being fairly harmless. For example, drugs like peyote and mushrooms are naturally-occurring, so people tend to think they are safe. This, of course, is false information and promoting it has only resulted in more people using these and other substances.

Once a person becomes addicted to hallucinogenic drugs, stopping them from further abusing the drugs can be very difficult. But here at Northpoint Seattle, we want people to know that there are options. If you need a hallucinogens addiction treatment program in Seattle, we’re here for you. Quality detox and substance abuse treatment programs can make a difference in the lives of someone struggling with addiction.

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The Hallucinogens Definition

There are a lot of different opinions about what hallucinogens are. To some, they are recreational substances with no long-lasting effects that are relatively harmless.

According to the website, Erowid, hallucinogens are drugs that are often better known as psychedelics. Many hallucinogenic drugs got their start in the 1960s in the State of California. Erowid claims that these drugs are – for the most part – non-toxic. The website also claims that they are non-addictive. 

Hallucinogenic drugs are known for altering people’s perceptions. They change thoughts and feelings, and cause hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinogens are often referred to as dissociative drugs for this reason.

In the medical world, much is known about the dangers of hallucinogenic drugs. They have a profound effect on both the physical body and the mind. If you have been using psychedelic drugs, you may have been misinformed about their dangers.


Hallucinogenic Drugs List

There are many different types of drugs that can be placed under the category of hallucinogens. Some examples of hallucinogenic drugs include: 

  • LSD: Also known as acid, LSD is a potent, mood-altering chemical. Acid is made from lysergic acid. It is created in illegal laboratories and produced in crystal form. It is then converted into a liquid to be sold and distributed. Acid has different forms. There are acid tablets that look like small pills. There are also gelatin squares, which are called the windowpane acid drug. Acid can also be dripped onto absorbent paper.
  • Marijuana: Marijuana is a type of cannabinoid used by smoking, generally. It can also be baked into baked goods and consumed by eating it. There are many different types of marijuana, including dabs and hashish. Many believe that marijuana should be legal because it is a plant that doesn’t cause any real harm. Marijuana comes in different forms. Most are familiar with the green and brown flowers, leaves, and stems. There are also various concentrated forms. Hash looks more like small brown chunks of material, and Dabs has a waxy consistency. They are usually smoked just like the leaves and flowers are smoked.
  • Mushrooms: Sometimes called Shrooms or Magic Mushrooms. They are a type of fungus that can be very dangerous. It is important to use extreme caution before consuming Shrooms. Some can be deadly. They are usually chewed or consumed orally in other ways, such as by blending them into a liquid. They produce an intense, hallucinogenic high. There are more than 200 species of Magic Mushrooms. Many of these look similar, which adds to the dangers of these psychedelic drugs. The cap of the mushroom is between 2 and 8 cm, typically.

Learn More about Hallucinogen Addiction and Treatment at Northpoint Seattle

At Northpoint Seattle, we know the importance of a personalized approach to addiction treatment. We offer one of the best outpatient programs in the State of Washington and the Northwest region. We have two locations in Seattle and Bellevue.

Our clients are placed in one of three levels of care. They are appropriate for either traditional outpatient, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient treatment. A step-down approach to treatment is exactly what they need for many of them. They may begin with partial hospitalization and then transition into our IOP. Eventually, they will move on to our outpatient rehab..

There is no doubt that hallucinogens are intriguing, but they are also dangerous. At Northpoint Seattle, we want you to know that the support you need to recover is available. We have worked hard to make our treatment program one that will help as many people as possible.

We are in-network with several health insurance companies. That allows us to provide more affordable treatment options to those who need them the most.

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