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Addiction Rehab and Recovery Resources in Olympia, WA


Addiction Resources Near Bellevue

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers and Addiction Resources in the Olympia, WA Area

Olympia, Washington is home to many addiction treatment resources. There are both detox centers and rehab facilities within a driving distance of the city. And, there are more 12-step groups than we can count.

These resources are more necessary than ever. In 2017, nearly 1,200 Washington residents died of a drug overdose. Even more people lost their lives in impaired driving accidents.

Almost 1,2000 Washington residents lost their lives to overdose in 2017. It’s critical that local addicts connect with the resources that can help them. If you’re suffering from a substance abuse problem, it’s important to reach out for help. In this article, we’ve outlined some resources that may be able to help you get sober.

Do You Have Questions About Addiction? Call Our Recovery Experts Now.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs Near Olympia, WA

There are several detox programs in the Olympia region. These programs help addicts go through the process of withdrawal. 

It’s possible for an addict to withdraw at home on their own. However, this isn’t recommended. Oftentimes, addicts who attempt to quit cold turkey end up relapsing before they even finish. Withdrawal symptoms are quite uncomfortable and often force the addict to start using again. 

In a medical detox program, the addict doesn’t have access to drugs or alcohol. So, they put themselves in a position where relapse isn’t an option. On top of that, they’re monitored by doctors who help to limit their withdrawal symptoms. Overall, it’s a much safer and more comfortable process. 

If you want to quit drinking or doing drugs, detox is the first step. Once the chemicals are out of your body, you’ll be able to move forward with recovery. 

Your insurance provider may cover the cost of addiction treatment. Click here to find out if your plan pays for detox.

The SAMHSA treatment locator tool indicates that there are two programs that offer detoxification programs near Olympia. They are both within a 10-mile radius of the city, so they are very convenient. But, before committing to either of them, it is important to make sure they offer inpatient services. 

Detoxing on an outpatient basis can be dangerous because of the possible complications that can arise during withdrawal. An inpatient program offers more protection because their patients are medically supervised 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency, medical staff will be able to act quickly.

Olympia Addiction Resources

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Near Olympia, WA

Rehab programs are another valuable resource. This type of program helps addicts to make the transition from an addicted life to a sober one. 

Oftentimes, this transition can be difficult. After all, former addicts have to learn how to fight off cravings and manage stress. If they don’t, they’ll run the risk of relapsing. 

In a rehab program, patients work with addiction counselors to develop relapse prevention methods. They go through therapy in order to identify any underlying pain that may be driving their addiction. They also meet with other recovering addicts in group support sessions that help them to realize they’re not alone. 

Some rehab centers offer inpatient programs. In these programs, patients live on-site at the treatment center for a month or so.

Other facilities, however, offer intensive outpatient programs. These programs allow the patient to live off-site and attend treatment at the facility every day. This tends to work well for people who have a job, school, or family responsibilities. 

Whether you want an inpatient program or an outpatient program, Olympia is home to some of the best rehab centers in Washington State. We highly recommend it as a form of addiction treatment.

There are around 10 different rehabilitation programs located directly in the City of Olympia. But for those who want to search further away, there are sixteen within a 10-mile radius. These programs offer a mixture of inpatient and outpatient services.

Both types of programs can be very beneficial, but people need to choose their treatment center carefully. It is important to make sure they get exactly the type of help they need, and not every facility is the same.

Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

At Northpoint Seattle, we offer an exceptional outpatient addiction treatment program for our patients. We cover both drug and alcohol rehab, and there are several options available to help those who need more flexibility. 

We understand that everyone has different needs during the course of their treatment. Some may do really well in a more traditional outpatient setting. Others may need an intensive treatment program or partial hospitalization. Regardless, we are able to meet their needs by offering cutting edge treatment plans that are personalized just for them. 

Our clients thrive under a program that provides them with: 

Our clients are an investment for us. We understand what it takes to overcome addiction, and our experienced staff members are determined to help people thrive in recovery. 

What if Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab is Needed?

Although our outpatient program is great, not everyone will be able to do well with that level of care. Some people need the security and support that an inpatient treatment center provides to them. In cases like those, we will refer them to our inpatient program at Northpoint Washington

At Northpoint Washington, they can provide patients with all the help they need. They offer both an alcohol treatment program and a drug rehab program. Both of these may include detox if the patient requires it in order to cover. 

Patients are able to stay at Northpoint Washington for a period of a few weeks, which includes time spent in detox. While they are there, they will benefit from many different types of therapy that will help them reach their goals of getting clean and sober.

Our Rehab Facility

Northpoint Seattle is located in Bellevue, WA. We’re just a 95-minute drive from Olympia. If you’re suffering from addiction, it could help you to come out and spend some time with us. 

Our Closest Outpatient Location:

Our Closest Inpatient Location:

Health Insurance Can Cover Alcohol and Drug Treatment

So many people put off talking with anyone about getting help for their addictions because they worry about the cost. But we feel that it is very important for people to know that this should not be a concern at all. 

Health insurance companies are required by law to provide benefits to help cover the cost of addiction treatment. That includes both detox and rehab. As far as how much coverage is offered, it will vary, based on the individual’s health insurance plan. But many people find that if they choose an outpatient program, their treatment is covered in full. 

Anyone without health insurance is encouraged to visit to get more information about available plans. Also, their local Department of Social Services may be able to provide them with additional assistance. SAMHSA offers grants every year to those who are unable to pay for treatment, and that is worth considering as well. 

Finances should never be a deterrent to seeking treatment. There are so many ways to get help, and there are people who are willing to facilitate it.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, sometimes referred to as “AA”, is one of the most popular addiction support groups in the entire world. And, founded in 1935, it’s also the oldest. 

This organization helps people with alcohol addiction in their journey to live a sober life. They hold free meetings where alcoholics get together to talk about their experiences and offer each other advice. These meetings take place in Olympia and nearly every other city in America. 

There are no requirements for joining the program. As long as an addict is willing to admit that they have a problem, they’re welcomed in the group. Members new and old are able to pop into any meeting at any time. 

If you’re struggling with an alcohol abuse problem, this could be a great resource for you. There are dozens of meetings around Olympia. The AA community in town will be happy to have you in one of their sessions.

Trying to find a meeting? Here are a few you might like:

Sundays @8:00 PM
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
1601 North Street Southeast
Olympia, Washington 98501
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Wednesdays @Noon
First Things First
Gloria Dei Lutheran
1515 Harrison Avenue Northwest
Olympia, Washington 98502
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Thursdays @8:00 PM
Beginners Meeting
Olympia Alano Club
120 Olympia Avenue Northeast
Olympia, Washington 98501
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Fridays @5:15 PM
Happy Hour
Capital Vision Christian Church
1775 Yew Avenue Northeast
Olympia, Washington 98506
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Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is another support network for addicts. This organization holds meetings for people who use drugs other than alcohol. It’s open to heroin addicts, cocaine addicts, prescription drug abusers and more. The group does not care about which drug a person uses. They only care that the individual wants to get clean. 

This program has a similar structure to AA. Members get together for regular meetings and talk about their lives. Meetings are free and open to the public. An addict may attend as many or as few meetings as they want and pop in at any point during the week. 

NA, like AA, is based around the Twelve Step program. The Steps are a system designed to help people overcome their negative habits. Each member works through the process at their own pace. 

Narcotics Anonymous has helped a ton of people to get clean. If you are trying to turn your life around, this might be the perfect program for you.

Here are a few meetings around town:

Mondays @6:00 PM
Pride in Recovery
First Christian Church
701 Franklin Street Southeast
Olympia, Washington 98507
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Tuesdays @8:00 PM
Recovery Rocks
Westside Lanes
2010 Harrison Avenue Northwest
Olympia, Washington 98502
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Fridays @8:00 PM
Breaking the Chains
United Churches
110 11th Avenue Southeast
Olympia, Washington 98501
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Saturdays @10:30 PM
Addicts R Us
Banquet Room
3519 Martin Way East
Olympia, WA 9850
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SMART Recovery

Not into AA or NA? Skeptical of the Twelve Steps? 

No worries! There are plenty of alternatives! 

One of the most popular alternatives to Twelve Step programs is SMART Recovery. This program takes a non-spiritual, action-based approach to sobriety. It’s informed by scientific research and helps addicts to learn how to cope with stress and fight off cravings. 

There is no one-size-fits-all cure for addiction. While Anonymous programs are beneficial, they don’t work for everyone. 

But, it’s important to reach out for help when you need it. So, if you tried NA or AA but found it didn’t work, this could be a better option. SMART Recovery can provide a support network that will help you move forward toward a better life.

Tuesdays @5:15 PM
Tacoma Rainbow Center
2215 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402
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Tuesdays @6:00 PM
Calvary Community Church
15116 Gary Street East
Sumner, WA 98390
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Al-Anon is a support network for people who are related to addicts. It’s open to parents, children, spouses, siblings, and anyone else whose life is impacted by an addict's behavior. 

If you’ve ever loved an addict, you know that it’s not easy. Their habit causes you to worry constantly about them. It makes you feel anxious, depressed, and afraid. They may even become abusive when they’re under the influence. 

So, it’s important for family members to have a place where they can go to talk. Al-Anon provides this environment. 

This organization holds free meetings for anyone who loves an addict. In these meetings, family members get together to discuss how their lives have been affected by their loved one’s behavior. They give each other advice, offer support, and listen to each other’s stories. Experienced members offer tips on things like holding an intervention. 

If your quality of life is decreasing due to someone else’s drug habit, this could be a good resource for you.

Here are a couple of meetings that happen around town:

Mondays @Noon
Just for Today
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
1515 Harrison Avenue Northwest
Olympia, Washington 98502
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Thursdays @6:30 PM
Capital Improvements
United Churches
110 11th Avenue Southeast
Olympia, Washington 98501
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Alateen is similar to Al-Anon. However, this program was created specifically for children and teenagers. They hold free meetings where young people get together to support each other. 

When a child has an addict in their family, they experience all kinds of negative emotions. They may feel frightened, sad, or even guilty. Alateen meetings give them a place where they can go to express these feelings. 

Meetings are moderated by a group facilitator. This is usually a therapist who understands how to talk to kids about addiction. The facilitator answers any and all questions. They also make sure that every child understands their family member’s addiction is not their fault.

Tuesdays @7:30 PM
Tuesday Night Survivors Alateen
Redeemer Lutheran Church
1001 Princeton Street
Fircrest, Washington 98466
Get Directions

Northpoint Seattle

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