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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Port Townsend, Washington

Port Townsend

Addiction Resources Near Bellevue

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Port Townsend, Washington Alcohol and Drug Addiction Resources

Port Townsend, Washington is currently seeing a drug and alcohol addiction epidemic of its own. This is not a surprise considering the rising addiction rates in Washington State. Opioids and opiates are particularly troublesome and are responsible for a high number of overdoses.

Those residing in Port Townsend, which is known as a Victorian seaport & art community, are just as vulnerable to addiction than anyone else. These individuals may feel lost and hopeless, as they struggle with both a physical and chemical dependence on either substance. However, hope is not lost. There are plenty of addiction resources in this area.

Addiction experts at Northpoint Seattle have put together this comprehensive guide to help those struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD). Contact us, and we can offer connections to the right addiction resources. Sobriety may be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Do You Have Questions About Addiction? Call Our Recovery Experts Now.

Recovery Meetings and Mutual Support Groups in Port Townsend, WA

Everyone knows just how difficult recovery can be. Even after completing an addiction treatment program, 40% to 60% of patients will relapse. Those who do not have a strong support system in place. Other than family and friends, recovering addicts can also lean on others who go to the same recovery meetings or mutual support groups. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from in Port Townsend.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups in Port Townsend can help recovering alcoholics learn how to manage addictive behaviors. Addiction experts recommend going to at least one meeting a week.

Jefferson General Hospital
Where: 884 West Park Avenue

Port Townsend Alano Club
Where: 1102 Water Street

Discovery View Retirement Apartment
Where: 1051 Hancock St

Individuals that struggle with a drug addiction can sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount of information and instructions available when they are trying to get clean. By joining Narcotics Anonymous (NA), drug users can connect with other users like themselves, and receive guidance from them on what steps worked and what didn’t. The experiences from others, along with the program’s 12-step program can greatly benefit those that have no previous experience in getting clean. 

Port Townsend Community Center
Where: 609 Taylor Street

Evangelical Methodist Church
Where: 2135 San Juan Avenue

Port Hadlock Fellowship Hall
Where: 51 Chimacum Road, Port Hadlock, WA 98339-8717
Distance away: 5.94 miles

Alcohol abuse doesn’t only make the addicted individual suffer. The individual’s loved ones and friends are often going through hardship too. Being dependent on alcohol often makes the individual tunnel-visioned, not caring about what others around him feel. Thankfully, Al-Anon meetings guide family and friends of alcohol addicts through a 12-step faith program to help them come to terms with the addiction. 

Port Townsend Community Center
Where: 620 Tyler St, Port Townsend, WA, 98368, USA

Port Townsend Alano Club
Where: 1102 Water St Ste B, Port Townsend, WA, 98368, USA

Hadlock Fellowship Hall
Where: 51 Chimacum Road, Port Hadlock, WA, 98339, USA
Distance away: 9.5 km 

Nar Anon meetings are designed for the family and friends of drug addicts. Drug addiction affects everyone. Loved ones of drug users often get dragged into the entire mess. Nar Anon gives them a safe place to unwrap their emotions and thoughts about the situation.

Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church
Where: 6309 S. Wilson Place, Clinton, Washington 98236
Distance away: 21.5 miles

Providence Hospital (Pacific Campus)
Where: 916 Pacific Avenue, Everett, Washington 98201
Distance away: 27.6 miles

Suquamish Elders Lounge
Where: 18490 Suquamish Way, Suquamish, Washington 98392
Distance away: 28.9 miles

Children and young adults often have a difficult time coming to terms with addiction. They may see the effects of addiction on their family members, but are unable to fully grasp what is happening. Alateen meetings help these individuals better understand the intricacies of substance use disorders (SUDs).

Boys and Girls Club
Where: 400 W. Fir Street, Sequim, WA, 98382, USA
Age range: 13 to 18
Distance away: 26.3 km 

Poulsbo Middle School
Where: 2003 NE Hostmark St, Poulsbo, WA, 98370, USA
Age range: 11 to 15
Distance away: 43.9 km 

Edmonds United Methodist Church
Where: 828 Caspers Street, Edmonds, WA, 98020, USA
Age range: 12 to 21
Distance away: 44.3 km 

Not everyone responds positively to faith-based recovery programs. Science-based ones, like Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) meetings, are becoming more and more popular. 

Dr. A.J. Ferlazzo Building
Where: 15941 Donald Curtis Drive, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191, USA

University Christian Church
Where: 6800 Adelphi Rd., Hyattsville, MD 20782 USA

Augustana Lutheran Church
Where: 2100 New Hampshire Ave., Washington, D.C., 20009, USA

Port Townsend Addiction Resources

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