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How to Find Addiction Help in Ridgefield, WA


Addiction Resources Near Bellevue

Do You Have Questions About Addiction? Call Our Recovery Experts Now.

Addiction Resources in Ridgefield, Washington

If you struggle with addiction, you’re not alone. Find out where you can get help in Ridgefield.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are huge problems in Washington State. Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to go for help.

Luckily, there are plenty of addiction resources in Ridgefield. AA and NA meetings are everywhere. There are also a number of detox and rehab programs to help people get sober.

Read on to learn where to get help.

Do You Have Questions About Addiction? Call Our Recovery Experts Now.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is one of the most popular addiction support groups in the world. Founded nearly 80 years ago, this group has helped thousands of people fight alcohol addiction.

This group holds free meetings all over the U.S. These meetings take place every day. In them, alcoholics get together to support each other through sobriety.

Mondays @6:00 PM
Ridgefield Group
Ridgefield Community Methodist Church
1410 South Hillhurst Road
Ridgefield, WA 98642

Fridays @8:00 PM
We the Believers
Ridgefield Methodist Church
1410 South Hillhurst Road
Ridgefield, WA 98642

Before you can get sober, you have to detox. Learn how our medical detox program can help you get the alcohol out of your system.

Ridgefield Addiction Resources

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is an addiction support group for drug addicts. Like AA, this organization holds free, daily meetings. Addicts convene in these meetings to talk about their condition and support one another.

NA is open to addicts of all kinds. There are heroin addicts, prescription drug addicts, cocaine addicts, and others who belong to the group. Its members welcome anyone with a drug problem who wants to get clean.

Looking for more intensive care? Our outpatient rehab program can provide the support you need!

Fridays @9:30 PM
Breaking the Chain
Memorial Lutheran Church
2700 East 28th Street
Vancouver, WA 98661

SMART Recovery

Al-Anon is a support group for the families and friends of addicts. This group is open to anyone who loves an addict.

It’s never easy to have an addict in your life. Their condition cause fear, anxiety, anger, and depression. Al-Anon meetings are a place to open up about these feelings and talk to others who are going through the same experience.

Al-Anon Meetings Near Ridgefield

Wednesdays @7:00 PM
Hope AFG
Parkway Baptist Church
409 South Parkway Avenue
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Rehabilitation Center Near Ridgefield

The Northpoint Seattle offers detox and rehab services in Bellevue, WA. Our facility is only 2.5 hours from Ridgefield!

Our Closest Outpatient Location:

Our Closest Inpatient Location:

Find out how drug rehab can help you get sober!

Northpoint Seattle

Northpoint Seattle Can Help

AA meetings and NA meetings are great resources for recovering addicts. But, many people benefit from more intensive care.

The Northpoint Seattle offers outpatient rehab and medical detox services. We provide addicts with the ongoing support they need. If you want to get back on the right track, we want to help. Our treatment center could be the perfect place for you to get sober.

Call us today. We’ll discuss your options and get you into treatment as soon as possible.

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