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Our Mission

Since our founding in 2015, we have expanded to include a dynamic range of mental health and adolescent services, spanning four states, fifteen facilities, and growing. Like all great companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis and calibrate to our core values and our mission, as we serve our patient’s physical health, mental health, and addiction recovery needs. The Northpoint Core Values and Purpose is a doctrine we live by and, since its inception, has included a general treatment philosophy grounded in abstinence-based principles, meaning free from use of habit-forming medications upon discharge. We have historically defined what we do as follows:

“We deliver a safe, supportive environment for abstinence-based treatment of addiction and improved mental health.”

To determine the most evidence-based approach, we will continue to rely on our expert Interdisciplinary team of medical and psychiatric providers, nurses, clinicians, and caring support staff to thoroughly understand the individual needs of our patients.  We are also mindful to adhere to state legislative requirements that influence treatment plans, discharge options, and risk factors. To avoid any unspoken assumptions or confusion, we believe it is important to be forthright in our efforts to expand our philosophy to allow for Medication Assisted Treatment approaches, where appropriate, as there is now abundant evidence about what is proven to be effective. This does not mean that we are moving towards becoming a Suboxone clinic, a pain management clinic, or any other loosely associated reason to use potentially controversial medications. It does mean that we do what works in providing safe, highly individualized care, and in doing right by every patient. We are moving forward with a refined definition of what we do as follows: 

“We deliver a safe, supportive environment for recovery from addiction and improved mental health.”