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Club Drug Addiction Treatment

Club Drugs: Abuse, Addiction and Treatment Options in the State of WA

The abuse of club drugs has been a serious problem in Washington for quite some time. This is a widespread problem that has impacted every state in the U.S. These drugs are often referred to as designer drugs, party drugs, or rave drugs. But no matter what they are called, they are extremely dangerous. They also can lead to addictions.

People do not often think about going to treatment for an addiction to club drugs because they are considered “safer.” People tend to choose them over heroin or cocaine for that reason. Unfortunately, even occasional or sporadic use can be a big problem, and it causes people to become dependent upon these substances.

At Northpoint Seattle, we want to do our part to get the word out about the dangers of club drugs. They are not safe by any means, and people are doing more harm than they realize by using them. Thus, we’ve added to our substance abuse treatment programs a club drugs addiction program in Seattle.

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Importance of a Club Drugs Addiction Treatment Program in Seattle

Whenever someone takes a rave drug, this is known as club drug abuse. Designer drug abuse refers to using these drugs in the absence of addiction. Club drugs are not safe to take, even if you only use them once. 

The longer you abuse party drugs, the more at risk you are for developing club drug dependence. It is important to stop using them before you get to that point.

Club Drugs Definition
Club Drugs

The History of Club Drugs

Rave drugs actually date back to the 1970s. The drug culture was thriving in those days, and people regularly took drugs to enhance the dancing experience. Their use grew in popularity over the years.

By the 1980s, club drugs were being used in raves, parties and on college campuses. Raves became extremely common in the 1990s, and new club drugs entered the scene. Today, there are many popular party drugs that are still in use.

Club drugs are thought by most to be non-addictive. The fact is that a club drug addiction can occur when these drugs are used for too long. In the United States, many people have become addicted to these drugs.

When you have a party drug addiction, you need to use designer drugs regularly. You may have cravings for them and not feel right unless you’re using them. You will also use club drugs despite the negative consequences of doing so. For example, you may use the M.D. drug, side effects aside.

Club drugs are not nearly as safe as they are perceived to be.
Extensive research has been done to prove that they cause serious health problems. Unfortunately, rave drugs are frequently used with alcohol. This enhances their effects and makes them even more dangerous.

Even though club drugs are thought to be safe, research states otherwise. Of course, when combined with other substances, their use becomes even more hazardous.

Top 10 Party Drugs in the US
Little Known Facts About Designer Drugs

Little Known Facts About Designer Drugs

It’s interesting to take a look at the little known party drug facts. The truth is that there is probably a lot about the drugs you use that you don’t know. For example, did you know that:

  • The rave drug Molly was created as an appetite suppressant, but it was never available by prescription?
  • It’s becoming common to combine club drugs to get different effects?
  • The ingredients in designer drugs are not always known, which means they can be very dangerous?
  • Rave drugs can be just as addictive as many commonly used street drugs?
  • Party drugs are manufactured and distributed with an intent to avoid drug laws? 

Do these rave drug facts surprise you? If you’re like most people, they do. You may have thought you knew exactly what you were taking. Now, you’re not so sure.

Club Drug Statistics According to Recent Rave Drug Research

The stats on designer drugs are quite interesting. Club drug research tells us that: 

Club Drug Statistics
  • Designer drugs are most commonly used by people between the ages of 21 and 30.
  • In 2009, it was discovered that there were 115 different websites across 17 countries selling club drugs.
  • 15% of these websites were based in Germany.
  • 37% of these websites were based in the United Kingdom.
  • Mephedrone was first made in 1929. However, it was forgotten about until 2003, when its use was revitalized.
  • In 2010, there were 302 calls to poison centers regarding bath salts.
  • By 2011, there were 1,782 calls about bath salts.
  • Researchers believe that there are millions of other chemical compounds for club drugs that haven’t been discovered.
Club Drug Abuse

The Importance of Designer Drug Detox for Recovery

Club drug detox is recommended for anyone who is addicted to designer drugs. This type of drug treatment will help you get through the withdrawal period safely. It can make your recovery much more comfortable as well.

Drug detox is so important, and it should be the very first step you take. So many people have experienced success in recovery because they choose drug detox first.

Learn More About the Dangers of Club Drugs and Recovery Options in Washington State

There is no doubt that club drugs are dangerous, and so many have lost their lives to them over the years. More needs to be done to get the word out about how risky these substances are. But at Northpoint Seattle, we want people to know that we are here to help them.

Being an addict can be very lonely. People often feel isolated and like they cannot ask for help to stop using. But our team of professionals is standing by to offer you the assistance you need to get clean. Are you addicted to club drugs? Would you like to know more about your recovery options for Washington State? We are here to help you. Please contact us by calling [Direct].

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