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Affordable Rehab and Detox Near Bellevue, Washington

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Free or Low Cost Rehab Options Near Bellevue, WA

In 2009 there were 23.5 million people who needed addiction treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse problem, or 9.3% of the population ages 12 and older. Of these 23.5 million people, only 2.6 million people received treatment.

Only 11.6% of the 23.5 million people that needed addiction treatment in 2009 received it.

Facts About Rehab in Bellevue

Also in 2009, 39,147 individuals died of causes related to drug use. This does not include hospital visits for those who survived. That equates to someone dying every 15 minutes of a drug-related cause.

Though the percentage of the population may seem small, that's still 1 in every 10 people in the United States who needs addiction treatment. With such a large amount of people requiring treatment, what should be done? If a greater percentage of those 23.5 million people had access to addiction treatment through options such as free or low cost rehab, or low cost or free detox, would the drug-induced death rate be lower?

What keeps people from attending rehab clinics near them?

What keeps people from attending rehab clinics near them?

With almost 14,500 treatment centers located in the United States, there is obviously little shortage of addiction treatment. What, then, keeps people from receiving the treatment they need?

One of the main reasons people don't receive addiction treatment is because of the cost. Addiction treatment, such as drug and alcohol detox or rehab, can be an expensive investment. Some 30-day inpatient rehabs charge as much as $30,000 for your month-long stay. With such high rates, cost is a barrier to entry for many when it comes to addiction treatment.

Even attending an intensive outpatient program with no residential accommodations can run around $800 per week, or roughly $5,000 for a full treatment program. Relative to the cost of other types of addiction treatment, intensive outpatient programs are affordable. However, relative to the budget of the average American, that is a large price tag.

This is where free and low cost detox or free and low cost drug rehab come into play. There are various facilities who operate on either a pro bono or sliding scale payment model to allow those who can't afford treatment to receive it.

Most affordable detox and drug rehab programs operate on an outpatient basis to keep costs down. However, there are a few that offer inpatient services for addicts and alcoholics who need 24/7 assistance during early sobriety. The type of treatment offered depends on the individual facilities. Be sure to check with them to find out what they offer before setting your mind on a specific detox center or drug rehab center.

Free or Low Cost Detox Centers and Drug Rehab Bellevue, WA Through Washington State

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services has a subset department, the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. DBHR through DSHS helps fund substance abuse treatment for those enrolled in the Medicaid Program. Between the years 2013 and 2015, the free detox centers and low cost rehab centers they worked with provided services to over 83,000 youth and adults in Washington state.

Individuals who have priority for state-funded free detox centers and free drug rehab centers include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Pregnant women who use intravenous drugs (IV drugs)
  • Individuals who use intravenous drugs (IV drugs)
  • Post-partum women for up to one year

The next in line for priority for state-funded low cost or free detox or low cost or free drug rehab include:

  • Parents and legal guardians working with Child Protective Services
  • Parents of children
  • Children and adolescents

In order to attend a free detox center or receive free drug rehab, you must be enrolled in Medicaid through the state of Washington. You can apply for Medicaid here. The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery outlines the services provided on a free or low cost basis in the Behavioral Health Benefits Book.

Once you are enrolled in Medicaid you have the ability to apply for state-funded low cost or free drug rehab as well as low cost or free detox in Bellevue, WA.

It may be a time-consuming process and you might not receive treatment as soon as you hope, but it provides an option for you if you are unable to afford treatment.

Don't allow money problems to dissuade you from seeking treatment. There are options available for low cost rehab or free detox near Bellevue, WA. Give yourself the chance you deserve to get sober and find out what life still has in store for you.

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Free or Low Cost Rehab Options near Bellevue