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Online Joint Commission Accreditation Information

Seeking Recovery: The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Helps You Make the Right Decision

Our addiction treatment facility is JCAHO accredited so that we can give you the safest and highest quality of care available. We want you to overcome addiction and we take your trust seriously.

You need to get help from a recovery center that has proven outcomes. Centers that uphold the JCAHO accreditation requirements are sure to use the best methods to partner with you in your recovery process.

Learn more about what the Joint Commission is, what the Joint Commission does, what it means to be accredited or licensed, and why that is important for you.

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Understanding Joint Commission Accreditation and How it Benefits You

Alcohol and drug addiction can affect your life in severe ways. Overcoming addiction requires help. For most people, seeking out help can be overwhelming.

There are many different treatments to suit each individual's needs. Questions arise, such as:

  • How do you know which programs really work?
  • Which methods are based in evidence?
  • Will treatment fit with my normal life and schedule?
  • Which treatment will my insurance cover?

Deciding to pursue sobriety in one's life is a monumental decision. Finding the right type of support cannot be taken lightly.

That's why seeking out licensed programs that are accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) can help you make the right decision.

Many treatment centers do not recognize the importance of accreditation in healthcare. They do not have objective standards to meet day in and day out.

JCAHO first started in 1951 to improve patient care in hospitals. Over time, it developed the motto:

"Helping Healthcare Organizations Help Patients."

Joint Commission Seal

What is the Joint Commission and the JCI?

The Joint Commission (JCAHO) is a non-profit organization that has accredited more than 21,000 health care organizations in the United States and around the world. It partners with most state governments to license health partners that work with medicaid and medicare procedures.

The goal of the Joint Commission is to improve public healthcare by evaluating healthcare organizations and encouraging them to give safe care of the highest quality and value. It makes sure treatment is safe and works.

JCAHO is one of the most respected agencies that has accredited addiction rehabilitation centers. If the rehab facility you choose has been licensed by the JCAHO with a Gold Seal, it means you are in good hands.

You can trust that their practices have been evaluated and given a stamp of approval by those who know healthcare best.

The JCI Improves Healthcare Abroad

The Joint Commission International (JCI) is part of the Joint Commission. It developed in the 1990s to expand JCAHO's reach beyond America. JCI works to accredit public health programs abroad. JCI aims to promote quality of patient care, ensure patient safety, and improve healthcare practices in more than 60 countries. If you are seeking medical attention outside the U.S., organizations accredited by the JCI are sure to meet high standards.

What is Joint Commision Accreditation?

Accreditation is official recognition that something, such as addiction treatment, meets quality standards. Being accredited by JCI is one of the highest standards a healthcare organization can achieve.

Who has the JCI accredited?

  • Hospitals
  • Mental health services
  • Addiction Rehabilitation Providers (including our addiction programs!)
  • Home care service providers
  • Laboratories

How the Joint Commission works:

Participating healthcare organizations undergo extensive evaluation. Programs and therapy practices must meet joint commission standards that ensure excellent care.

If a healthcare organization is a member of JCI, it gets reevaluated every 3 years. If the program adheres to all the related standards, it receives the honor of accreditation.

It takes a great deal of time and resources to meet the licensing criteria. JCAHO ensures that licensed members are always striving to reach highest standards in:

  • Safety
  • High quality patient care
  • Rights of the consumer

What does JCAHO evaluation look like?

Organizations must complete Joint Commission surveys. A survey is an unannounced visit from JCAHO professionals, who are doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other trained health care workers. The JCI prides itself on being the only healthcare accreditation agency that has certified surveyors.

Northpoint Seattle Joint Commission Accreditation

These surveys, or random visits every few years, are a key part of the JCAHO accreditation requirements. During the survey, JCI surveyors randomly select patients, collect their medical records, and proceed to check if they have received excellent service.

To ensure that health organizations are continuously meeting Joint Commission standards, there are ongoing requirements as well. For example, hospitals must submit data every 3 months.

Organizations are also given self-assessment scoring guides to continuously make sure they are meeting JCAHO accreditation requirements.

Once an organization is licensed, you can know that it has met the Joint Commission standards and you will receive great care.

Joint Commision Standards

Of course, rehab isn’t the only way that you can get help for your alcoholism. There are a lot of other options you might want to consider as well. If you’re not ready to think about going to treatment, you might want to think about one of the following.

To be accredited by the JCI, a health organization must meet the Joint Commission standards. These standards are objective means to verify that licensed health agencies are consistently measuring, assessing, and improving care.

The two main focuses of the Joint Commission standards are:

  • Patient safety
  • Quality of care

The JCAHO standards manual is constantly being updated because healthcare practices are always changing and advancing. There are hundreds of requirements to be a licensed JCI organization.

Standards address many components of healthcare including:

  • Patient rights
  • Medication management
  • Error prevention
  • Infection control
  • Staff competency
  • Emergency responses

The JCAHO standards manual can be purchased at the Joint Commission website.

Why is the JCAHO important for you?

Our addiction treatment professionals make sure that you receive excellent care. This is why we work hard every day to make sure we are accredited by the JCAHO.

We are continuously evaluating ourselves to make sure that our treatment is always meeting JCAHO accreditation requirements. You give us your trust and we give you our best.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard to ensure your:



The JCI's top priority is patient safety. Recovery can be dangerous when not done correctly. Detox and withdrawal can be dangerous for patients if they are not given proper medical attention. Because we are accredited by the JCI, you can rest easy knowing that our doctors and medical staff know how to take care of you during the most painful parts of treatment.


Quality of Care

Recovery is no easy process. To make sure you get through this daunting effort, you can trust that our staff will give you the best care. We strive to make sure you achieve your goals.


Better Access

Are you wondering how you are going to pay for rehab? JCI licensed centers are more likely to be accepted by your insurance provider.

Because we are a licensed JCAHO rehabilitation center, you know you will receive the best care available.

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To learn more about the Joint Commission and Accredited Recovery Centers

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