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Alcohol and Drug Treatment at Northpoint Seattle

Northpoint Seattle in Idaho Offers Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Many times, patients are in need of a higher level of care when they're struggling with addiction.

In these situations, it's important to know that there are additional options available for you for treatment. Among those options is Northpoint Seattle. This might be something for you to consider if you feel you need more time in a recovery environment.

About Northpoint Seattle

Northpoint Seattle is a drug rehab and alcohol rehab center offering hope for addiction recovery.

When patients come to Northpoint Seattle, they are often desperate for a solution for their addictions. Many times, they have tried other rehab facilities in the past, which didn't work well for them.

At Northpoint Seattle, their commitment to offering excellent addiction treatment is strong.

They provide patients with hope for a successful recovery, and the tools needed to achieve their goals. The staff at Northpoint Seattle understands how important a strong foundation is for addiction recovery. They aim to provide each patient with a personalized approach to addiction treatment that meets their own unique needs.

Northpoint Seattle Rehab and Detox

How Many Beds Does Northpoint Seattle Offer?

Northpoint Seattle prides itself on maintaining a smaller facility. This is just one factor that sets it apart from other drug and alcohol rehab centers. Northpoint Seattle offers 22 patient beds for inpatient treatment. This is a very real concern, and it's one that needed to be addressed.

Northpoint Seattle does this well because of their smaller size. Staff members are always available to assist patients. Because of this, patients feel secure, safe, and cared for.

What Services are Offered at Northpoint Seattle?

Northpoint Seattle offers many different services for their patients. These include the following:

Inpatient treatment is one of the most popular forms of addiction treatment, and for good reason.

Most patients need to go inpatient when they are recovering from an addiction, or alcoholism. They need the highest possible level of care, and inpatient treatment provides that for them.

Northpoint Seattle's inpatient treatment program offers 30 days of addiction treatment. Patients are placed on individualized treatment plans, depending on their needs.

Many times, patients with alcohol or drug addictions need to go through a detox process. This is the first step in recovery for the majority of patients.

To meet this need, Northpoint Seattle offers drug and alcohol detox services.

Alcohol detox and drug detox is offered prior to entering the inpatient treatment program. It is tailored according to what patients need. There are few different options for detox, and the correct method is carefully chosen for each patient.

Once patients finish detox, they are able to move on to the next phase of treatment.

Not every drug and alcohol treatment center offers treatment for co-occurring disorders. It has been found that those that offer this treatment are providing an excellent service to their patients.

Co-occurring disorders are common among those with addictions. All too often, these conditions are treated separately. This increases the risk of relapse for the patient.

By treating mental health conditions at the same time as the addictions, patients have a better chance of recovering successfully.

Northpoint Seattle is proud to be able to offer co-occurring disorder treatment for their patients.

Families often feel lost when they're confronted with an addicted loved one. They don't know how to help that person, but they know they need treatment.

To help, Northpoint Seattle offers intervention services.

An interventionist participates in careful planning with the family prior to the intervention. There are meetings regarding what will take place, and the interventionist is present at the intervention.

Many families have found great relief after scheduling interventions for their addicted loved ones. These meetings are powerful, and they often result in the addict seeking immediate treatment.

Northpoint Seattle will make all the arrangements for treatment following the intervention. This gives families peace of mind, and helps to ensure that the addict follows through.

Patients' aftercare is so important. Far too many drug and alcohol rehab centers allow patients to “fall through the cracks.”

At Northpoint Seattle, great care is taken to ensure that this does not happen.

Staff members will meet with patients and family members to create an aftercare plan. This may involve outpatient rehab, support groups and more services, if needed.

By offering aftercare planning, Northpoint Seattle is doing their part to care for their patients, even after discharge.

Sometimes patients come to Northpoint Seattle, and they need services that aren't offered.

When this occurs, these individuals benefit from Northpoint Seattle's referral services.

Referrals can be made for a number of different types of facilities and services. At times, patients are more appropriate for long-term care. Some patients may be in need of outpatient services because of having milder addictions.

Regardless of what they need, Northpoint Seattle will always point them in the right direction.

What Level of Care is Provided for Patients at Northpoint Seattle?

Northpoint Seattle offers the highest level of care in the industry.

Patients are monitored carefully and closely during the entire length of their stay. For those receiving detoxification services, they are monitored consistently by staff members.

There are always nurses or other medical staff on hand to assist in the event of an emergency.

Northpoint Seattle is dedicated to providing the absolute best in addiction treatment. They want to be sure their patients are always well-taken care of.

What is the Cost of Treatment at Northpoint Seattle?

The cost of addiction treatment at Northpoint Seattle varies from patient to patient. This is because every patient has specific needs that set them apart.

For a patient who needs drug and alcohol detox and inpatient treatment, the cost can be several thousand dollars.

For a patient who only needs an inpatient stay, the cost would be considerably less.

At Northpoint Seattle, they have worked hard to make your addiction treatment affordable. They will also work with you to find ways to cover the costs of your treatment.

Can Patients Get Help Covering the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

Yes, patients can get help with covering the cost of addiction treatment.

Northpoint Seattle is proud to be in network with many of the nation's top health insurance providers. By working with them, they are able to maximize your health insurance benefits for you. This means less money out of your pocket.

There may be other ways they can assist you with getting the substance abuse treatment you need.

If you need to apply for health insurance, Northpoint Seattle can guide you. They also may offer you a referral for a facility that offers grants to help patients afford treatment.

Where is Northpoint Seattle's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Located?

Northpoint Seattle is located in Boise, Idaho, in the Treasure Valley.

It is set in a beautiful, serene area of Boise that offers patients a very relaxing atmosphere for their recoveries.

What is the Northpoint Seattle Facility Like?

The Northpoint Seattle facility is a modern, luxurious treatment center that has recently been remodeled.

The building itself is completely safe, clean and very spacious. This allows patients to feel more like they are at home, rather than receiving addiction treatment.

There are many places for patients to relax. These include both indoor and outdoor living spaces. The state of the art design helps to create a beautiful facility that patients and their families enjoy.

What Makes Northpoint Seattle Different from Other Rehab Facilities?

Northpoint Seattle is very different from other rehab facilities for a number of reasons.

They pride themselves on being fully licensed and accredited. This means that patients can expect the highest level of care.

The staff at Northpoint Seattle understand that every patient is an individual. Each patient comes to drug and alcohol treatment with certain needs. Staff members take it upon themselves to ensure that those needs are met.

This is done by taking the time to get to know each individual who walks through the door.

Treatment plans are carefully created for each patient to address their needs. Patients with specific needs, such as elderly patients, younger patients, or LGBT patients are appreciated and cared for.

Are You a Candidate for Addiction Treatment at Northpoint Seattle?

Many patients who contact Northpoint Seattle aren't sure if they are addicts in need of treatment. Fortunately, their screening process offers insight into addiction.

If you believe you may be an addict, but you're not certain, taking an addiction quiz will help you.

You can also contact Northpoint Seattle for a free telephone assessment.

During your assessment, you speak with a staff member who will ask questions about your addiction. At that point, he or she will recommend a specific type of treatment for you. If a referral is needed, that will be arranged for you as well.

What Happens When You Leave Northpoint Seattle?

When you finish your treatment at Northpoint Seattle, your recovery is far from over.

The staff will ensure that you continue to get the follow-up care that you need. This might mean going to an intensive outpatient program. It might mean outpatient treatment and a support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

At Northpoint Seattle, they want to be sure you follow through with your aftercare. A great deal of planning will take place to ensure that you receive exactly the services you need. The goal is for you to be successful.