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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resources for Connell, WA


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Connell Addiction Rehab Resources

Addiction in Connell, WA doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. There is excellent support available. When you’re ready to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, there are tools that make it easier to manage. Rehab resources for Connell are available to anyone who needs it. It doesn’t matter how much money or time you have. We have put together this addiction rehab guide for Connell so you know how many options you have.

Do You Have Questions About Addiction? Call Our Recovery Experts Now.

Rehab Recovery Options in Connell, WA

Inpatient rehab is a high quality program where you stay in a residential setting for a few weeks. You get treated for your specific addiction. You spend hours a day in therapy sessions, group sessions, and healthy activities. 

If you’re not ready to go home after rehab, you can enter into PHP. You’ll enter into a sober living environment and take part in treatments of your choice. It’s a good program for those who have dual diagnosis or have a home life that puts you at risk of relapse. 

Outpatient programs in Connell are a low-cost option. You gain the tools to manage addiction recovery while staying at home. The level of care isn’t as optimal as other programs. If you feel you need greater care but can’t attend inpatient rehab, there is an Intensive Outpatient Program. You’ll attend treatments 3-5 times a week at an addiction facility. 

Connell Addiction Resources

Connell, WA Detox Centers

Detox involves getting the substance out of your body through abstinence. This can sometimes require medical detox as there are health risks to withdrawing from certain substances. Trying to detox on your own isn’t recommended as health complications may arise. It also puts you at greater risk of relapse. The process takes between 5-7 days. There are detox centers in Connell but it is usually also a part of some rehab programs. 

Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

It’s a 3.5-hour drive from Connell to the Northpoint Seattle outpatient facility.  

Our Closest Outpatient Location:

Our Closest Inpatient Location:

Recovery Meetings In Connell, WA

When you’re back from rehab, you’ll want an aftercare plan. This should include getting community support through AA and NA meetings in Connell. Your family will also have access to support groups like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon.


7:00 pm
First Baptist Church
664 N. Columbia Ave
Connell, WA


Time: 7:30 PM
Northwest United Protestant Church 
1312 North Sacramento Boulevard 
Richland, WA


7:30 pm
Serenity AFG
Gideon Lutheran Church
213 S Burke Ave
Connell, WA 99326

Northpoint Seattle

Is Inpatient Rehab Right For You?

Inpatient rehab is known to be the best option for recovery. It offers intensive treatments that are tailored just for you. This doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. If you have to stay at home or don’t have the finances, there is the Intensive Outpatient Program option. They cost less but still offer intensive treatment sessions. 

At Northpoint Seattle, our aim is to help you succeed with your recovery. We do this by offering modern, scientifically-proven methods for addiction recovery. Our addiction specialists are compassionate about helping you. Call us today if you’re ready to take the first step.

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