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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources in Hoquiam, Washington


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Hoquiam, Washington Alcohol and Drug Addiction Resources

Those who are interested in history will have a field day at Hoquiam, Washington. This city is beautiful and has many historical landmarks. In particular, Hoquiam castle, which was constructed in 1897, brings in a lot of traffic. Despite being a beautiful place to live and visit, Hoquiam is situated in one of the more heavily drug trafficked areas.

Many people living in this area will struggle and suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately, many of those struggling with addiction do not speak up. Many of these individuals are functioning addicts and able to hide their addiction from their families for years. Check out this story here to see one individual was able to hide their addiction for over 10 years.

Although Hoquiam is not a large town, there are plenty of drug and alcohol addiction resources in this area. We’ve outlined some of the most important ones below.

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Recovery Meetings and Mutual Support Groups in Hoquiam, WA

Twelve-step meetings and other types of mutual support groups offer great results. Those who are able to go to more than one meeting a week tend to do better in recovery. In fact, many recovering addicts will choose to go two to four meetings per week for extra support. Take a look at some of the options available below

Although AA meetings follow an effective and structured 12-step program, individual attendees can benefit from AA meetings at all stages of their recovery process. For someone who has just started his or her road to recovery, he or she will be able to learn from recovered alcoholics the necessary tools to stay sober. For an attendee who is already sober, he or she will be able to receive the support they need from other attendees to stay sober. 

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Where: 400 E 1st St

Calvary Chapel Annex
Where: 2515 Sumner Ave

The Narcotics Anonymous (NA) program is available to drug users that are seeking an open atmosphere where they can share their experiences without judgment. With the current social climate, users often find it challenging to openly talk about their addiction with family members and peers. By joining an NA meeting, addicts can benefit from 12-step program that has helped so many other individuals in the same predicament. 

Seventh Day Adventist Church
Where: 3101 Cherry Street

Grays Harbor Community Hospital West
Where: 915 Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, WA 98520
Distance away: 1.72 miles

Alano Club
Where: 823 West Heron Street, Aberdeen, WA 98520-5929
Distance away: 2.79 miles

Alcohol abuse doesn’t only place an enormous toll on an individual’s health. It also emotionally affects the addict’s loved ones and friends. Al-Anon meetings offer loved ones an open, non-judgmental environment where they can talk about their experiences. Only by talking openly about their issues can loved ones begin to recover on their own.

East Campus Community Hospital
Where: 1006 N H St, Aberdeen, WA, 98520, USA
Distance away: 4.8 km 

Ocean Shores Senior Center
Where: 885 Ocean Shores Blvd. NW, Ocean Shores, WA, 98569, USA
Distance away: 21.8 km 

Those whose lives have been impacted by a drug addict can find the help that they need at Nar Anon meetings. These meetings offer a confidential and safe space for discussing various experiences and for looking for support.

Grays Harbor Community Hospital, Main Campus
Where: 915 Anderson Dr., Aberdeen, Washington 98520
Distance away: 1.9 miles

St. John's Episcopal Church
Where: 114 20th Avenue SE., Olympia, Washington 98501
Distance away: 46.6 miles

Alateen meetings may feel like a more comfortable place for many young adults and teenagers to share their experiences. These meetings also follow the same 12-step program as Al-Anon.

Redeemer Lutheran Church
Where: 1001 Princeton Street, Fircrest WA 98466
Distance away: 66.8 miles

Another excellent support group to go to is a Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) meeting. These meetings are science-based instead of faith-based, and follow a 4-point program. These meetings teach members the recovery skills that they need to cope with cravings, deal with triggers and abstain from substance abuse.

Bldg 111
Where: 9600 Veterans Drive S.W. Lakewood, WA 98493 USA

Hoquiam Addiction Resources

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