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5 Benefits of Group Therapy

a group sits in a circle and talks one of the benefits of benefits of group therapy

Group therapy can be a great way to gain support while on the journey to recovery. A group therapy program is just one example of treatment options for those struggling with any level of addiction. Addiction therapy can look different for everybody, depending on the condition and the severity of their addiction. Group therapy can be one of the most beneficial choices for many people struggling with addiction since it provides a sense of community for those who may feel isolated.

If you or a loved one are struggling to break the cycle of addiction, a group therapy program at Northpoint Seattle could help. Finding a community of people who share similar experiences while being guided by a licensed therapist can provide tremendous healing. Call 888.483.6031 today to start developing your recovery plan.

Understanding Group Therapy

Group therapy is one of the many therapy options available to those looking for addiction treatment. Talking to a group of strangers about what you’re struggling with can be intimidating when you first begin. At Northpoint Seattle, we are committed to creating a safe space where clients feel supported and respected. Many are surprised by the numerous benefits of group therapy.

What Should You Expect in Group Therapy?

Psychologists, therapists, or other mental health professionals typically lead group therapy for an hour or two every week. Some people may enhance the benefits of group therapy when they combine it with individual therapy. For others, group therapy can be more than enough.

Group therapy sessions work to target specific issues that broadly apply to the individuals within the group. Looking for group therapy programs specifically for you can be daunting. Group therapy programs are available for co-occurring disorders that range from depression to social anxiety. One of the benefits of group counseling is that those who have recently experienced a loss can get the full support they need.

5 Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction

Group therapy offers benefits that individual treatments may not be able to provide. The benefits of group therapy are plentiful, for example:

  1. Support networks – surrounding yourself with other group members can help you develop specific ideas to help improve your situation.
  2. Accountability – being part of a group allows others to keep you accountable and for you to hold others accountable. This responsibility encourages many people to be successful in their recovery.
  3. New perspectives – you may be able to put their issues into perspective by regularly talking and listening to people going through similar and different struggles.
  4. Diversity – one of the many benefits of addiction support groups is how diverse a group can be. When people with differing personalities and backgrounds come together, they bring several diverse perspectives necessary for success. Witnessing how other people tackle their specific issues and creating positive and necessary changes can inspire you to try similar strategies.
  5. Get more out of individual therapy – if you are undergoing individual and group treatment simultaneously, you will be able to take issues and situations from group therapy and talk to your counselor about them. You can also take this knowledge into your everyday life and start making positive changes immediately.

Unlock the Benefits of Group Therapy at Northpoint Seattle

The benefits of group therapy are plentiful. Group therapy can even be less expensive than individual therapy. If individual therapy feels too expensive and your situation doesn’t require it, you may wonder how group therapy could benefit you.

At Northpoint Seattle, we offer several group therapy options for you or your loved one struggling with addiction. Finding relief and support in a judgment-free environment can help you find traction on the road to recovery.

Reach out to one of our professionals today at 888.483.6031 to discuss treatment options.