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Finding Mental Health Treatment In Seattle, WA

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Getting professional mental health treatment is often key to regaining control of your life in the face of a crisis. If you or a loved one is struggling and working toward finding mental health treatment in the Seattle, WA, area, know that you’re not alone. Mental illness and substance abuse remain serious local concerns, but fortunately, there are also effective resources to help. Northpoint Seattle, located just west of Interstate 5 near Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park, is one such resource. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs and you can learn more by calling us at 888.483.6031.

The Need for Mental Health Programs in Seattle, WA

In a September 2023 article, The Seattle Times reflected on a new King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division report. The report’s key finding was that, on 1,173 occasions in 2022, people in behavioral or mental health crises were turned away from Seattle area treatment facilities. This means that treatment facilities initially turned away potential patients about 25% of the time.1

The reasoning for admissions denial often revolved around would-be patients’ acute illness, the presence of autism or other developmental disability, or a history of aggression. Many facilities simply didn’t have the capacity or staffing to cope with these issues. Sadly, the result was that some of the most vulnerable people could not access needed care.

While recent legislative endeavors such as Washington Senate Bill E2SHB 1515 have attempted to address matters by funding facilities that increase the state’s crisis system capacity, an unmet need is still present.2 One has only to view the King County Medical Examiner’s 2023 data related to causes of death to find that suicide rates—an important metric for any mental health crisis – remain significant. In 2023, this cause of death accounted for 8% of all deaths reported by the office, making suicide the third most common cause of death overall.3

What Kinds of Care Can I Expect from a Mental Health Treatment Center like Northpoint Seattle?

At a quality addiction recovery and behavioral health treatment center like Northpoint Seattle, a range of dual diagnostic services is available. An average patient care trajectory looks like this:


In this crucial first step, potential patients meet with a licensed provider who can take stock of their treatment needs. This provider creates the basic plan for services and takes a comprehensive patient history.


Necessary if the patient is addicted to substances like drugs or alcohol, detox must precede other forms of care. This is because getting free from the direct physical effects of substances gives patients the ability to personally focus on and commit their best capacities to further recovery.

Individual Therapy

In this stage, patients work one-on-one with counselors who employ methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy. This treatment emphasizes cognitive reframing, goal-setting, exploring the origins of addiction, and learning coping methods. At this stage, dual diagnosis care can also begin in earnest with therapists addressing any mental illness patients may present, such as depression, OCD, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.

Group Therapy

Useful in both mental health and substance abuse treatment contexts, group therapy gives patients the ability to connect with peers. This often provides them with a greater sense of accountability, compassion, and healthy relationship-building.

Enroll in Mental Health Treatment at Northpoint Seattle Today

Mental healthcare is a basic need and at Northpoint Seattle, we aim to provide it according to the highest standards. Moreover, we understand that psychological challenges and substance abuse often go hand in hand and thus work to provide intelligent dual diagnostic care to treat all presenting concerns. We’re conveniently located on North Northgate Way and Meridian Avenue North in Seattle, WA. Find us in the Northgate Meridian Building with our neighbors, Washington Jaw and Facial Surgery. For information and admissions, call 888.483.6031 or fill out our confidential online contact form.

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