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What Are the Goals of Family Therapy in Addiction Recovery?

a family begins addiction therapy together

Addiction is a complex condition that encompasses physical, mental, and behavioral health. It is also important to note that the loved ones of people experiencing addiction are also affected by this complex condition. Research has shown that a strong, supportive family or group of loved ones can play a critical role in addiction recovery, so it is vital that families participate in addiction recovery when possible. Learning more about how a family therapy program can support addiction recovery will not only help you understand addiction, but it can also empower you to make informed decisions about recovery care. Contact Northpoint Seattle at 888.483.6031 for more information today.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is just like other kinds of therapy, except that instead of focusing on the emotions and behavior of only one person, it focuses on the relationships within the family. In the case of addiction treatment, family therapy views the person experiencing addiction as part of a family system that also includes the other members of the family. Family therapy for addiction treatment helps family members explore how substance use operates within and impacts their family relationships. Therapy will also address the emotions and reactions of family members so that each person can understand their role in the family system.

What Are the Goals of Family Therapy in Addiction Recovery?

Every person is different, and each family operates differently. Family therapy examines how each family functions, and for those dealing with addiction, family therapy also looks at how addiction is impacting the family. Some of the goals of family therapy for addiction might include the following:

  • Discovering and understanding family dynamics
  • Learning about addiction, treatment, and recovery
  • Developing new strategies to interact better and communicate with one another
  • Gaining perspective on how addiction has impacted the family
  • Reducing unhelpful or ineffective behaviors and learning healthy behaviors
  • Practicing skills and communication techniques
  • Identifying strengths and positive behaviors in the family

An effective family addiction therapy program is essential for families managing substance use disorder. It provides the tools and guidance needed to effectively manage the problem and to help each family member work towards long-term recovery.

How Can Family Therapy Help With Addiction Recovery?

One of the most important elements of addiction recovery is developing and staying connected with a strong support network. This can include peers, caregivers, and social communities. However, the family is often the most important of all. It is vital that family members understand addiction and recovery and that they participate in treatment as much as possible. Often, addiction impacts the whole family, creating conflict and stress. In fact, family members often benefit from therapy even when they are not the ones experiencing addiction.

Gaining an understanding of what addiction is, its root causes, and how it can disrupt people’s lives can help family members process and cope with what has happened. When a loved one is in active addiction, it can also help family members develop strategies that will help them maintain healthy boundaries while also treating their loved one with compassion.

Since addiction is a complex and chronic condition, loved ones sometimes return to use. During family therapy, family members can address these issues and work with their loved one to prevent returning to use in the future.

Northpoint Seattle: Helping Families Recover From Addiction

At our treatment center in Seattle, Washington, we offer flexible, individualized treatment for addiction so that each patient can receive the help they need in a way that will work for them. Families are a critical element in the recovery process, and our programs ensure that family members are included in the treatment process. We provide family therapy, education, and support for our patients and their families. If someone in your family has been struggling with addiction, reach out to our caring and knowledgeable staff members today at 888.483.6031 or online and learn what we can do to help your family recover from addiction.