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Alcohol Rehab in Sammamish, WA

A Sammamish, Washington Alcohol Rehab Offers You the Chance for Sobriety

If you’re an alcoholic, going to an alcohol rehab in Sammamish, WA is the key to help you stop drinking. Quitting might seem like it should be something you can do on your own. Many people feel that way, but it usually isn’t true. Alcoholics need the support of professionals who understand their addictions. They also need the help of peers who know where they’re coming from.

This might be the first time you’ve ever considered professional alcohol recovery. If it is, then you may need some more information. You should know that the fact that you’re here is remarkable. It takes a lot of courage to admit you have a drinking problem and ask for help. If you’re in need of treatment for alcoholism, we can give you the information you’re looking for.

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Reasons to Consider Going to a Sammamish Rehab for Alcoholism

You may still be on the fence about going to get treatment for your alcoholism. This is very common. It’s even possible that you are still in denial about even having a problem. We’ll talk in a moment about how you can find out for sure if you’re an alcoholic.

For the time being, let’s assume that you are. As someone with an addiction to drinking, why should you consider getting professional help? There are actually several reasons, including:

  • You’ll have the opportunity to talk with professionals who know how to treat alcoholism.
  • You can meet others who have been working on recovering for quite some time.
  • You’ll learn how to deal with both the physical and mental sides of your addiction.
  • You’ll put together a plan that will help you avoid relapsing in the future.
  • You’ll learn what led to your addiction and get treated for the root cause.

It’s simply not enough for you to just stop drinking. The chances of you remaining sober long-term are very small. You need the right kind of support in order for you to be successful.

Your Options for Rehabilitation Centers for Alcohol in Sammamish in WA State

There are several different ways that you can get help if you’re an alcoholic. You may have always thought that you’d be limited to only one type of treatment. This just isn’t the case.

The fact is that everyone has different needs when it comes to alcoholism recovery. What works well for you might not be effective for someone else, and vice versa. You need to get the type of treatment that will help you the most.

Sometimes people need to go to alcohol rehab on an inpatient basis. This is actually the most common way that people get help when they’re dependent upon this drug. Inpatient care is good and it’s quite effective.

When you go to an inpatient rehab center, you usually stay for about a month. Some programs are shorter, and some may be a bit longer. During that time, you’ll go through alcohol detox. This is usually the first step, and it helps you manage your withdrawal symptoms. Afterwards, you’ll start working on the mental part of your addiction to alcohol.

You’ll participate in various types of therapy while you’re there. This will consist of both group and individual counseling. There will also be other activities for you to do, but you’ll have time to relax as well.

For many alcoholics, rehab centers that offer inpatient care aren’t always the best option. For this reason, it’s good that there is an alternative. Outpatient alcohol treatment centers are available for those who aren’t able to go to inpatient programs. Some of these are best for people who only need to see a therapist once a week or so. Others, such as intensive outpatient programs, work well for those who are new to recovery.

IOP programs are available in Sammamish in Washington State and they’re quite effective. Patients usually attend treatment several times during the week for a few hours each visit. During their appointments, they have group therapy and individual therapy sessions. Many programs run for about 12 weeks, although this can vary, based on a patient’s needs.

Luxury alcohol treatment programs are usually places that people think they can’t afford. They’re definitely more high-end, but they can also be quite affordable. Many participate with insurance companies, leaving patients very little to cover on their own.

There are both inpatient and outpatient luxury treatment programs available. This might be something you’d want to consider if you’re a busy professional. They are often much better at accommodating work schedules while you get treatment. This type of program is also great if you’re looking to get help for alcoholism without it feeling like rehab.

Do Different Types of Alcoholism Treatment Cost Different Amounts?

Yes, and it makes sense that this would be the case. For instance, it’s going to be much less expensive to go to an outpatient program than an inpatient one. The cost of addiction treatment can vary greatly, based on a few different factors. It matters if you:

  • Are in need of rehab for more than one addiction
  • Require detox services or not
  • Choose an inpatient or an outpatient setting
  • Require medications to assist with detoxification
  • Need long-term care or short-term care

No matter what, you shouldn’t let the cost of treatment make your decision for you. You should try to follow the recommendation that is given to you when you get your assessment done. Don’t worry; they will take your personal needs into account. Regardless, there are ways that you can cover the expense of rehab. The most important thing is for you to get the help you need.

There are actually a lot of ways that you can pay for rehab. The most common way is by utilizing the benefits you have through your health insurance. Maybe you weren’t aware that your insurance company offered help for addiction treatment. However, they are required to by law.

This is so fortunate because there was once a time when most insurance companies didn’t offer these benefits. Instead, patients would either have to wait until they reached a high deductible, or pay out of pocket. That is no longer the case today. 

There are other ways you can get financial help too, if you don’t have insurance. You may want to consider using money you’ve saved, or cashing in your 401K. The alcohol rehab you’ve chosen may also offer financing options or payment plans. Don’t give up until you’ve exhausted every possible option.

Alcoholism Symptoms That Indicate That Rehab is Right For You

Is going to treatment the right decision for you? Well, that depends on whether or not you’re an alcoholic. Alcoholics should consider rehab before they attempt to quit drinking. You’ll need the support you’ll get through that facility.

Alcohol Rehab in Bellevue

You can tell if you’re an alcoholic by looking at your symptoms. The signs and symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Frequently consuming more than you meant to
  • Drinking for longer periods of time than you mean to
  • Attempting to quit or cut down, but finding that you can’t
  • Spending too much time either drinking or recovering
  • Consistently binge drinking and feeling a desire to do so
  • Having the belief that you need to drink in order to feel like yourself
  • Learning that drinking is starting to interfere with your life
  • Getting into dangerous situations because of your alcohol use
  • Needing to increase how much you drink in order to feel its effects

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that you’re an alcoholic. However, if you can relate to any of these, you probably are.

If you’re an alcoholic, you’re in need of treatment. If you don’t get help, you’re likely to continue drinking. You may attempt to quit on your own, but that could be taking your life into your own hands.

When You’re Researching Rehab Centers for Alcohol, Here’s What to Look For

Now that you know you’re an alcoholic, the next step is to find a rehab to help you. This can be a daunting task. If you were to do an online search for alcohol rehabs in Sammamish, so many options will come up. How do you know which one is the right one for you?

There are certain criteria that you can look for that can help you make your decision. You want to choose an alcohol treatment center that offers you:

  • Detox services to help with your withdrawal symptoms
  • Your own treatment plan that has been made for you specifically
  • Different types of therapy so that your treatment is well-rounded
  • Instruction on improving your coping skills
  • Counseling that will address any co-occurring disorders you may be suffering from

The facility should also participate with your insurance. This will decrease your costs overall. Getting treatment is important, but it should also be affordable for you.

Once you’ve found the facility that you feel is right for you, you’ll want to contact them. This can either be done electronically, or over the phone. Explain that you’d like an assessment, and there will be no charge for this service.

The person you talk to will ask you a lot of questions about your alcohol use. It’s important for you to be honest when you answer them. After they get all the information they need, they’ll recommend treatment. If you’re agreeable, they’ll contact your insurance company and begin to make the arrangements.

Once all the paperwork is done, you’ll be given an intake date. You won’t have to wait for very long. On the day of your intake, you’ll show up and your treatment will begin right away.

Are There Any Free Alcohol Rehab Programs in Sammamish?

You may be able to find free alcohol recovery programs in Sammamish, or in the surrounding communities. There are several low-cost and free clinics located in your area. Many of them offer counseling and other types of help for people with alcoholism.

Your doctor may also be a great resource for you. If you’re not ready to go to rehab yet, talk with your physician about your alcohol dependence. They may offer to prescribe medications that can help you with your withdrawal symptoms. They may also offer you a referral to a place where you can get additional help for no charge.

Alcoholics Anonymous has been helping recovering alcoholics since 1935. This organization was founded for this purpose, and so many have benefited from the program. It’s set up as a group therapy session that meets once a week. Although, some meetings involve book studies, or they occasionally have speakers.

You can find many AA meetings in Washington State, as well as right in Sammamish. Do some research and you’ll probably find that there are several located near you. If you choose one and it doesn’t seem to be a good fit, try another one. You’ll find one where you feel comfortable with the other people there.

The Dangers of Quitting Cold Turkey When Suffering From Chronic Alcoholism

Please know that if you decide to quit drinking cold turkey, this could be dangerous. For people with chronic alcoholism, they are at a substantial risk for getting DTs. DTs stands for delirium tremens, and it is a potentially fatal condition. It’s so important for you to get professional help if you’ve been an alcoholic for a long time.

There are other risks involved as well. You may simply go back to drinking. If you do, drinking too much could lead to alcohol poisoning. It’s also possible that you could suffer medical complications from a high blood pressure or other conditions.

What Can Happen if You Refuse to go to a Rehabilitation Program for Alcohol Dependence?

It is our hope that you don’t refuse to get help for your addiction to alcohol. However, if you do, you’re likely to continue drinking for the rest of your life. You may have some short periods of sobriety. However, alcohol will always be in control of your life.

There is so much more for you to live for. Please get the help you need so you can experience everything life has in store for you.

Is There a Rehab for Alcohol Abuse in Sammamish in Washington State?

People who are abusing alcohol most likely don’t need to go to rehab. However, you still should not ignore your condition or your behaviors. Abusing alcohol is a serious problem, and one that requires counseling, at the least.

You should talk with a therapist right away about how you can quit drinking before you form an addiction.

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Local Alcohol Rehab Centers are Available Near Sammamish to Aid in Your Recovery

At Northpoint Seattle, we offer alcohol rehab near Sammamish, Washington. We know that this is what you’ve been missing. Maybe you’ve been trying to quit drinking, but you just can’t. We’re confident that we can assist you.

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