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5 Tips to Handle Cocaine Withdrawal

person in hoodie sitting in the dark in need of tips to handle cocaine withdrawal

Cocaine is a potent stimulant that can cause much more severe outcomes than its widespread reputation as a “party drug” suggests. Highly addictive and quite toxic to the body with prolonged use, it can also be challenging to quit. Fortunately, there are lots of great resources available to help. Learning tips to handle cocaine withdrawal may lead you or someone you know to lasting recovery. 

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5 Tips for Handling Cocaine Withdrawal

While withdrawal from any addictive substance is never easy, with preparation, courage, and self-compassion, you stand a perfect chance of making your way through. Learning tips for cocaine withdrawal can help you start the journey toward long-term wellness. What follows are five suggestions for handling cocaine withdrawal successfully: 

  1. Eat a nutritious diet – Healthy foods and beverages support the large-scale reset your brain is working to complete. Cocaine wreaks havoc on the organ’s natural chemical function. Once you’ve begun the sobriety journey, you’ll need to consume all the necessary amino acids and trace minerals your brain needs to heal. 
  2. Get adequate sleep – Get at least eight hours of sleep each night. The body performs essential healing work during its daily period of unconsciousness, which is vital to mitigating withdrawal symptoms. A sleep hygiene routine where you engage in a calming activity and cut out screen time at least 30 minutes before lying down can help. 
  3. Get regular exercise – Ideally, exercise at least 30 minutes daily or a few times weekly. Depending on your physical abilities, exercise need not be rigorous or high-intensity. Taking extended nature walks and light stretching can work wonders for mood and physical health. 
  4. Practice mindfulness – Be present in the moment and focus on one activity at a time. Cocaine promotes a scattered and hyperactive mindset. Mindfulness directly counters this and simultaneously grows resiliency, the capacity to tolerate challenging experiences. Any activity can be mindful, from washing dishes to writing in a journal. Some particularly effective ones for self-regulation and relaxation are yoga, meditation, and tai chi. 
  5. Build a regular schedule for your day – Try to keep your sleep and wake times as consistent as possible since this will further help with your neurological reset following cocaine addiction. 

For more cocaine withdrawal tips and to start treatment, reach out to the professionals at Northpoint Seattle.

Why Is It Vital to Address Cocaine Addiction As Soon As Possible?

Cocaine is addictive because of its ability to trigger dopamine, a brain chemical governing pleasure and reward. While the drug’s short-term effects can feel harmless and fun, its long-term risk factors are incredibly damaging. Negative mental health symptoms caused by cocaine include everything from hallucinations and delusions to extreme agitation and violent rage. Moreover, it leads to poor decision-making and impulse control issues since those addicted tend to prioritize cocaine use over work, family, and health. 

The drug also damages various organs over time. The GI tract gets less blood flow with chronic cocaine use, which can give rise to ulcers and micro-tearing. The drug also acts as a powerful appetite suppressant, causing many people addicted to it to undergo dangerous weight loss and malnourishment. Finally, cocaine is toxic to the cardiovascular system and overtaxes the heart tremendously as it prompts rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. Cocaine increases the risk of stroke, heart inflammation, and aortic rupture, among other dangerous events. 

Beyond its many direct physical and psychological dangers, cocaine is, of course, also illegal in the U.S. Using it exposes you to criminal charges and involvement in dangerous situations linked to unlawful behavior. 

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